Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Another great artist that steve introduced me to is Scotty, there was a track called Sesame Street that was on one of steve's first mix cassette i received (entitled Roots from the Yard, if i recall!).
clean race.mp3
children children.mp3
We just love scotty's unique cartoon/nursery rhyme chat! I think he did some versions of nursery rhymes, these 2 tracks are off his album, but i'd love to get hold of some of his other tracks - & particularly a copy of Sesame Street or Skank in Bed...

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


the cute story about these two lost musicians has been blogged before at Benn loxo,

Molenga, Kawongolo, Perry, 1977. From The Heart Of The Congos
River Stone.mp3

on DVD from steve since he got a burner.

Monday, December 19, 2005

12" selection

the cannier amongst you may spot that some of these mp3s were not encoded by me and deduce, correctly that they may not have come off steve's original vinyl, that is because the tracks have been selected by steve, either off my pc or his from filesharing networks

Junior Byles & Pablo Moses - One People (12 inch)
(12 inch) itals & trinity - in a dis ya time (ready done)

chasing down files over p2p networks is an art itself, especially if you don't know particularly which titles or artists to search for my own experience of reggae has always been that of appreciative listener & i find that part of the magic of reggae is it's amorphousness - the dubs, versions, and so on... so anyway these are fruits of steve's wisdom in searching and selecting music on audiogalaxy, back in the day, slsk, and others.

Jackie Mittoo - Keyboard King

What i always loved about steve's compilations is that they have introduced me to some great artists, many of whom have not necessarily well known, one of whom is the late great instrumentalist Jackie Mittoo, originally a member of the Skatalites, along with other giants such as Tommy McCook, Don Drummond and Ernest Ranglin...

so, without further ado, here's a couple of classic tracks from the vaults at

Wall Street

i really like the politiscised atmosphere of these tracks, and others from the same era such as energy crisis, bandung declaration, eastern standard time - the way they have this internationalist & non-aligned perspective even from the parochial environment of 60's/70's Kingston JA, it was an optimistic time...

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Studio 1 Reggae Fusion II

some difficulties ripping off the cd;
EAC was struggling, the cd is a bit worse for wear unfortunately though it still plays ok in winamp, so i had to resort to using Audiograbber which doesnt produce good quality rips (or so i understand from an irate user of soulseek who complained about the quality of some ripped mp3s) which just produced empty tracks, so eventually i used total recorder to record the player... a long & tedious solution which i doubt will produce top quality mp3 - o well!


i should mention at this stage a copyright disclaimer of course when posting mp3s of music that ultimately belongs to someone, if anybody has any objection to posting up these tracks then they should let me know and i'll be happy to remove them,
i understand that the concept of copyright is stretched when it comes to covering the galaxy of jamaican riddim and version, meaning, i think that most reggae from vintage JA vinyl is lost to copyright and that the creators will unfortunately rarely if ever receive a dime.

also if anyone has advice on ethics of filesharing or indeed good practise in cd ripping, then you're most welcome to drop a comment in the box below,
many thanks

Studio 1 Reggae Fusion

o gosh this cd is really great
a real version excursion - every track is a winner.
i got no track listing for this disc either my dears, so as i rip it i can't even tag it up & FreeDB is clueless so i'll welcome any help in identifying these klassic kuts, ('til steve gets back anyway).

The riddims will be familiar enough i think;

Natural Mystic (version)
Skylarking (version)

there are 22 tracks on this disc, & they're all good, so even if i post them all up then i've still got hundred's of megs of other tracks burned to mp3 over the years, many are properly tagged, some not, but many are very rare and have not been shared on the filesharing networks, if you have questions, about artists, provenances etc i can pass them on to steve... if i can track him down...

Thursday, December 15, 2005


& here's a couple of sweet mp3 12"s, again they've been up on my site for a while: Barrington Levy & Jah Thomas - Moa Anbessa (12 Inch).mp3
Burning Spear - Spear Burning (12 inch).mp3
I got a lovely CD here dropped off to me by the man himself just before he travelled, entitled Studio 1 Reggae Fusion i'll rip it to mp3 soon (using EAC - unless anyone has any preferable software?) & post up some goodies for your delectation...


a few links to get us started:
Benn Loxo Du Taccu - Inspirational mp3 Blog of wonderful African Music
6109 (defunct) - My own modest blog has a lot of Arabic & African Music, also some Reggae
Woebot - Lifelong buddy & Guru of music
Molex Roots - never met molex, but a righteous reggae blogger
Breaking Ranks - seldom updated by the mighty stelfox
Uncarved - man like John Eden will
never be carved
cottoncandyhammer - cornucopia of connoisseurship
couple of forums (sic)
blood and fire

i'll add them to the template, er soon... please let me know if
you have more nice links, thanks!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Welcome to roots from the YARD blog

As time goes on i'll post you up some nice tunes provided by steve, I have threatened to set this site up for a while as many of these tracks are out of print and too sweet not to share.
At the moment the site looks basic but i'll improve it with some nice templates and all that soon.... Any contributions are encouraged so if anyone has any comment or request please add it to the site!

I'll also maybe settle down to some sensible hosting solution if a lot of people want to download - any suggestions or server space available would be welcome mmm yes please. Right now this site is hosted by blogger, mp3s are at railtonroad (edit: defunct!).

To introduce myself: i am the author of this blog: 6109 (edit: defunct!) and regular contributor & moderator at dissensus, pleased to meet you. I'll put a shout out to the homies at Dissensus soon as I got more music posted to attract some attention - spread the word!

here's a couple of tracks to be starting off.
Track 1
Track 4
These have been up on my site for a while, as with many tunes provided by steve, i don't know what the titles are, & i doubt they will be up on FreeDB/CDDB etc... Bonus points for anyone can ID them, otherwise i'll ask steve when he returns from his travels...

Tuesday, December 13, 2005