Friday, September 23, 2011

Collie Mountain

Today's post is a bit of a mixed bag: 'Is Life' by B.B. Seaton, 'Mount Zion' by Vinnie Taylor & the Revealers, 'Collie Mountain' by Bright Wynter, and Trevor Byfield's 'Burning Bush'. 

Of the four, it's probably 'Is Life' that I like best. It was the first song I ever heard by B.B. Seaton, and I still rate it one of his best. The vocal is cool and soulful, and the dub is perfection on a plate.

'Burning Bush' is a massive steppers tune with conscious, intelligent lyrics, rock-hard rhythm and an excellent dub. It's every bit as beautiful as 'Is Life' and a lot more highly-regarded by collectors.

The other two are both good, but not quite in the same league. 'Mount Zion' is a nice uplifting tune produced by Jack Ruby, and 'Collie Mountain' is the next cut to 'Words Of Fire'. 

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Nice 12

'Rebel Disco' is one of my favourite 12" singles from Studio 1 (The other one is 'Tenor On Call'). It's a heavy horns and organ instrumental that just doesn't let up from start to finish. The other side is a sweet vocal by Ken Parker with a really nice extended dub (it has a proper stereo mix).

Under heavy manners and discipline!

The Mighty Travellers (aka The Black Aces) released a few singles and an LP in the mid-seventies and then disappeared forever. Most of their stuff has been reissued by Pressure Sounds and is well worth checking out, especially the two 7" singles, 'South Africa' and 'Close The Gate Dread'.

My favourite recording of theirs is the 7" release of 'Black Black Mind'. The vocal is the sort of mellow roots that I really like, with conscious, intelligent lyrics and beautiful harmonies soaring across a heavy bassline. The Tubby's dub on the b-side takes it to another level entirely - the echo on the vocals still sends shivers down my spine - and to my mind it's one of the very best that I've heard from him.

For some reason, the dub never made it on to any of the reissues.

By the way, I'm hoping someone can remind me what the rhythm is.

Thanks VoR - the only line I could remember was 'I know I'll be blue'!

Roll the thunder!

I've always been a fan of Big Youth, even the singing (he may not've been that tuneful but he had a bucket of soul) so the part of my record rack marked 'Negusa Nagast' has always been pretty well stocked.  Most of his old recordings have been reissued now, and if you haven't already contributed to his pension pot then buy some! Seriously, you won't regret it.

This record, 'Big Youth Skank' is an instrumental cut on the same rhythm as 'Hit The Road Jack', 'African Daughters' and 'Hell Is For Heroes'. The a-side is great, opening with the sound of a gong followed by roaring thunder, squeaky horns and chopping guitar all thrown together in a seriously raw mix. The other side ('Merry-Go-Round') is OK but not really that inspiring.