Saturday, January 24, 2009

from under the baobab tree

Hi Guys,
Happy New Year!
I was thinking about starting a music blog, but decided it was too much like hard work, so I thought I'd just send out a mass e-mail whenever I had some songs I felt like sharing. Here's the first:
It's a couple of nice soukouss tunes from a single by l'Orchestre Moudou-Mango. I got this record together with 'JM Akiyo Presente A Sagbohan Danialou' (one of my favourite records, but more about that some other time).
There's not really any information online about these guys, other than that they were from Zaire and recorded one LP and several singles.
Anyway, hope you enjoy.
All the best,

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lala said...

Great clips

Sagbohan Danialou - l'Homme Orchestre

Poly Rythmo