Monday, April 27, 2009


Hi All,

I've got a couple more tunes for you, and they're nice ones: 'Penny For Your Dub' by U-Roy, and 'Love Without Feeling' by the Heptones.

'Penny For Your Song' was a hit for the Federals in 1967, a bigger hit for their lead singer David Scott in 1971, and an even bigger hit with Scotty's deejay version (yes, David Scott again). U-Roy's version holds its own against the others and the dub version is superb.

'Love Without Feeling' comes on one of Harry Mudie's heaviest rhythms, and there are a lot of great versions to check out. "Theme  From The Gun Court" (one of my favourites), "Spanish Town Rock" and "Lick Dem Face" are all very nice, and Mikey General did a good cut ('Now Is The Time') sometime in nineties.

Anyway, enjoy!

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