Sunday, November 08, 2009

Oak Sounds

I thought I'd do a few selections from some of my favourite labels.

First up is Oak Sound, best known for putting out 'Five Man Army' which has to be one of the best deejay tracks of the eighties, but also home to a small but select collection of some of the decade's finest roots tunes.

Oak Sounds

1. Five Man Army - Dillinger, Trinity, Wayne Wade, Al Campbell & Junior Tamlin
2. Man In Love - Echo Minott
3. Three Man Connection - Al Campbell, Dillinger & Trinity
4. Mr Officer - Wayne Blackstock
5. When Music Hits You - Diana
6. University - Paula Clarke
7. Top Of The Pops - Captain Sinbad
8. Open Book - Barrington Levy


More soon, possibly Negus Roots - I feel I owe you something good.


jeronimo m.m. said...

Fantastic blog. Thank you for at the great tunes, I´ve dl'd every single one. Speaking of Negus, I´ve been going crazy trying to find more Negus Churchical Host without success, please post more.

Jah said...

Any way to post the B-side of Five Man Army, "Send Another Moses", please?

lala said...

steve say:
I think that 'Send Another Moses' was the b-side to the 7" single, and is the second half of the A-Side of the 12". This has a very heavy dub on the b-side. I'll put it up when I get back from my hols.

Jah said...

See? I used to have this 30 years
ago and I can't even remember. I know mine was 12'' but not sure if it was Oak Sound. (it was green, somewhere, sleeve or label) All I know for sure is I LOVE hearing it again.
Anything you post I'll appreciate.

lala said...

alright straight from steve:

Here's that b-side. It's heavy. Enjoy.

i remember he put this on a cassette for me back in the day

hope everyone has subscribed to the comments???

Jah said...

Murder! Thank you; I'm back in 1980 at one of the parties at my old bachelor flat.....