Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hand To Mouth

Here's a wicked tune from the start of the eighties: 'Hand To Mouth' by Jennifer Lara. It's quite hard to find on the original label, even the reissues are pretty scarce, but it's well worth hunting down.

I wanted to post something really good this time as a warm-up for my next post. We got our first (and so far only) donation the other day, just after I spotted something on ebay that I've been trying to find for more than 20 years. So although I'd planned to spend the money on beer, I spent it on a record instead. When it arrives, you'll see what it is.


ReggaeExplosion said...

Nice one!! Glad you liked the donation,nice to give to such an irie site-Dave

Raggattack said...

yes! Nice tune again ! wicked riddim and dub!
Love the synte sounds in the roots


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one- never had the dub- Jennifer was one of the warmest artistes in the business, cool chick when we worked together-BOOMING BASSLINES

the_voice_of_reason said...

Agreed anonymous - I had occasion to meet here when she and Pablove Black played in Scotland with the Royal Rasses way back about thirty years ago. Lovely woman and a much underrated singer

novu said...

if this is just a warm up i am excited what comes next..

baaad riddim, sufferer vocals and i love the dub! exciting bongo action.

interesting idea spending donations on records.. this could become big.
since many young people dont have a turntable or the means to transfer to mp3 but they love the old reggae sound! big up

rastaman said...

I could not say anything so far, but keep the faith dread.
nice shot!! dreader

lala said...

lala said...
hey stevy
another nice one,
i'll buy you a pint meself some time soon!