Friday, May 20, 2011

Super dub

'Love Jah Jah Children' is a Big Youth's deejay cut to 'Going The Wrong Way' by Al Campbell. It's very good, but the dub on the b-side is even better. In fact, it's one of the two or three best dubs to come out on any of Phil Pratt's labels. I really like the way Big Youth's vocal punches in and out of the mix - it gives it a rough, raw sound that it wouldn't have otherwise.


novu said...

i already got the al campbell tune, but somehow didn´´t notice how good it was.

great hypnotic version! thank you very much!

please do me a favour and replace the strangely cut logo in the box with the proper square one!

spinning45rpm said...

Nicely synchronistic as I just did a Big Youth thing (including the single you mention) on my flickr blog:

I visit your website regularly!

Currently, I am doing research on Jah Butty and am wondering if you can point me anywhere or share some information . . . specifically on his song "Mr. Drummer"

You can write me at: