Friday, July 29, 2011

Forward with love!

I've got a real treat today, a mid-seventies Upsetter production: you may already know it, but if you don't now's the time. 

It's a Canadian press of 'Shining Light' by the Mystic Eyes; if the rhythm sounds familiar, try 'Everywhere I go somebody sees me me, I can't hide'.  I really like the horns on this song and wish that I could find a dub. It's also great that the vocal and arrangements are so completely different to the original.

The b-side is the dub to a different Mystic Eyes tune: 'I'm Feeling Happy' which came out on the 56 Hope Road label. It's an Upsetter production ('Shining Light' isn't) and it is one of the best dubs that ever came out of the Black Ark.

Mystic Eyes are always worth looking out for: they didn't record much but songs like 'Forward With The Orthodox' and 'Perilous Time' make them an essential part of any serious roots collection. Their lead singer, Anthony Johnson also recorded some great tunes on his own - 'Gunshot' is the best-known.



Anonymous said...

might have a dub to this- also "Elaine" and it's dub and Mikey Dread's "School Girl" come to mind-
will take a look through the Upsetter vault and get back to you-could make a "blog lp" of Mystic Eyes-BOOMING BASSLINES

lightningclap said...

Nice one man! Can't wait to check it. I have "Feeling Happy" but not the others.


spinning45rpm said...

It's a likkle like this fantasy of owning every record ever released. Just imagine if you could listen to every record from this period ( "dub to a different Mystic Eyes tune: 'I'm Feeling Happy' ") that ever was (or would be)? I never heard this but just played it twice (maybe three).
"it is one of the best dubs that ever came out of the Black Ark" Jah, that's hard to say, yah know? But we feel it.

Steve said...

You're right of course - there's always more. That's what I love about reggae