Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Under heavy manners and discipline!

The Mighty Travellers (aka The Black Aces) released a few singles and an LP in the mid-seventies and then disappeared forever. Most of their stuff has been reissued by Pressure Sounds and is well worth checking out, especially the two 7" singles, 'South Africa' and 'Close The Gate Dread'.

My favourite recording of theirs is the 7" release of 'Black Black Mind'. The vocal is the sort of mellow roots that I really like, with conscious, intelligent lyrics and beautiful harmonies soaring across a heavy bassline. The Tubby's dub on the b-side takes it to another level entirely - the echo on the vocals still sends shivers down my spine - and to my mind it's one of the very best that I've heard from him.

For some reason, the dub never made it on to any of the reissues.

By the way, I'm hoping someone can remind me what the rhythm is.

Thanks VoR - the only line I could remember was 'I know I'll be blue'!


Appie said...

Prince far I check message from the king

the_voice_of_reason said...

The rhythm here is John Holt's "I'll Be Lonely" (Treasure Isle) - reissued on Studio One's "Paragons and Friends" LP