Sunday, November 13, 2011

Every Knee Shall Bow

Sorry about the lack of posts recently - I've done my back in so I'm trying to cut down on the sitting-down time. Anyway, here's a self-produced tune by Johnny Clarke 'Every Knee Shall Bow', that also features U-Roy and a dark, spacious Tubbys dub.

Clarke's vocal is cool and intense, U-Roy is riding high on a string of hits for Prince Tony - tuff riddim, big tune!


Anonymous said...

Thank You for this great Tune.

One Love From Amsterdam City

Twice Nice

Anonymous said...

Yes, thanks! Great label art..

Nelgroe, San Francisco

novum said...

i assume self produced means he also produced the rhythm track?
like this song very much, music and message wise. deejay & dub also.

thanks as always!