Saturday, December 03, 2011

A bit of a mystery

Something a little different this week, some UK digital roots. When I picked up this 10" white label from Daddy Kool's at the start of the nineties, they couldn't remember what it was called or who it was by. Someone later called me it was 'Authorised Rock' by Keety Roots so I just went with that.

I'm still not sure who it's by, what it's called, or if it even has a name. If you google 'Keety Roots Authorised Rock' the only results you'll find all show the same 10" single with my handwriting on it. I'm pretty sure there's not too many copies around, but that's about it.


david said...

Pretty nice actually...reminds me of some of Pablo's digital productions, but maybe sounds better! Horn parts are good too. said...

Much thanks for all the good vibes you're sreading all around.
If you allow me, I've got some requests but I really don't know how to contact you.
Please let me know if you agree & how to do.

Anonymous said...

I must have got this about the same time as you, but from Supertone on Acre Lane. Deep, heavy and melodic at the same time. Needs to be played on a big system for best results, trust me!

Anonymous said...

I picked this up from Wayne in Daddy Kools in the early 90s too. All Wayne knew was that it was by Keety Roots and had 4 cuts on it. I found it the other day amongst a bunch of 10"s in my loft, googled it and arrived here! It goes for quite a bit on ebay now.

Steve said...

Yeah, I know - there's some geezer asking 95 pound for it right now! Was this Keety's first release?