Sunday, July 05, 2009

Upsetter deejay singles

Here's a selection of Upsetter-produce deejay singles from 1972 to 1974.  I'm saving the real gem, 'Bring The Kuchy Come' (Dillinger's version of 'Words') for a later post but this lot are all fantastic songs.

What really stands out for me is just how good the mixes are on all of these tracks. Lee Perry didn't have a whole lot of equipment at the Black Ark, in fact, all of today's songs were put together using:

- Alice mixer (Scratch: "They weren't professional machines they were only toys")
- Grantham [Grampian?] spring reverb
- Roland Space Echo RE201
- Marantz amplifier for instruments
- AKG drum mic for vocals
- Teac 3340 1/4 inch 4-track recorder
- Teac 2-track recorder for mix down

Listen to the mix on 'The Lama' - it's perfect. Same goes for all the songs. There are lots of very good Perry compilations available nowadays, so there's no excuse for not having at least one. 

Anyway, enjoy.


lala said...

cheers stevy, that's going to cheer up monday morning

Anonymous said...

talk about waiting for the bus a very long time, and then 2 comes along.

lala said...

yeah - all aboard the bendy reggae routemaster - ding ding!

I am not Kek-w said...

Lovely, lovely labels; lovely tunes.

The All-Seeing Eye, Jr. said...

This has immediately become my favorite music blog!

I was momentarily confused by Jah Lloyd's "The Lama," since it is identical to "Flashing Whip" by Jah Lion, a record I've owned for nearly 35 years thanks to the US/UK issue of a Jah Lion album. Are Jah Lloyd and Jah Lion one and the same?

lala said...

yes indeed all-seeing, apparently so
i checked w steve and he says yes that is the case,
Lloyd is Lion

thanks for enjoying the blog!

david said...

this is an amazing blog. thank you so much for everything! another association on The Lama track... Perry used the same rhythm later for "Kentucky Skank" (first track on "Double Seven") cheers!