Sunday, June 21, 2009

From the pick of the past...

Here are a few more old favourites. Let's kick off with 'Blessed Are The Meek' by Cornell Campbell. It's a cover of an old Uniques tune and the words are taken from the Beatitude. This version is a bit slower and heavier, and the b-side has a version by Dr Alimantado over a superb effects-laden dub. Are The

Next up, one of my favourite Horace Andy tunes: 'Tag A Long'. Produced by Phil Pratt, and inspired by Gilbert & Sullivan, this has a nice vocal and an outstandingly mellow rhythm: a real gem. A

Finally, 'Oily Sound' by Lloyd Charmers, an superb novelty version of the Uniques' classic 'Watch This Sound' (which was in turn a cover of Buffalo Springfield's 'For What It's Worth'). Bubbling chalice sounds and spliff talk are laid over the original rhythm plus some great piano from Charmers - winning combination.

Anyway, hope you enjoy.



Anonymous said...

I miss your comments on the file info. No seriously.

Lowdjo said...

Great stuff!