Monday, June 01, 2009

Heavy Roots

Hi All,

Here's a link to some 12" singles from around 1980 I picked up off various mailing lists at the end of the eighties. They're all good, and very heavy.

Hope you enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this one, even if I had some of them already. Can we get more early 70s sound?

lala said...

thanks for your comment - i passed it on to steve so lets wait and see what he comes up with...

i was listening to some of these tunes (at ludwig's) last night
heavy is right, sonically and theologically ...

lala said...

01 - The Mighty Diamonds - Gates Of Zion.mp3
02 - Sly & Robbie - Zion In Dub.mp3
03 - Hugh Mundell - Jah Fire Will Be Burning.mp3
04 - Hugh Mundell - King Of Israel .mp3
05 - Sons of Jah - Anthem.mp3
06 - Earl 'Wiya'Londo - His Majesty's Authority.mp3
07 - Willie Williams - Come Make We Rally.mp3
08 - Yabby You - Thirty Pieces Of Silver.mp3