Friday, June 05, 2009

Africa Showcase

Thought I'd post another compilation - this time I've done it showcase-style with each vocal followed by its dub so you can really get into the rhythm. Searching for label scans of these ones really made me wish I'd hung on to them for a few years longer - you wouldn't credit what some of them sell for now!

All these records date from the end of the seventies to the start of the eighties which was an interesting time in Jamaican music, with rhythms and production styles in a flux. Although it was the age of the discomix I've tried to stick with 7" singles simply out of personal preference ('Don't Mash Up Creation' is the exception - way too good to leave out).

Sorry about the sound quality of 'Bottom Of The Well' by the way - it was a download, but again, way too good to leave out.

Anyway, hope you enjoy



lala said...

01 - Don't Mash Up Creation - Sharon Little.mp3
02 - Mash Up Dub - Sharon Little.mp3
03 - Africa Is Calling - Horace Martin.mp3
04 - African Connection - Roots Radix.mp3
05 - Fox Hole - Delroy Williams.mp3
06 - Son of Man Dub - Rockers All Stars.mp3
07 - Down In The Bottom Of The Well - Jah Mikes.mp3
08 - Bottom Of The Well Dub - Jah Mike.mp3
09 - Red Sea - Prince Far I.mp3
10 - Blue Sea - Prince Far I.mp3
11 - No Peace In The City - Roman Stewart.mp3
12 - Dub In The City - Rockers All Stars.mp3
13 - Africa - Junior Keating.mp3
14 - Africa Version - Roots Radix.mp3
15 - Natty Dred Gone Farming - Ranking Joe.mp3
16 - Farming Dub - Eric Buddle.mp3
17 - Africa We Want To Go - Stephanie Samuels.mp3
18 - Africa We Want To Go Version - Stephanie Samuels.mp3

dubme said...

thanks! what a brilliant selection of songs... was looking for some info on "don't mash up creation" - and found this nice post of yours... thanks for all the good music! DubMe

JBOMB said...

4 years too late! Doh :( Need this!