Thursday, September 24, 2009

Coxsone Time

Sorry I've been out of action for so long - a combination of overtime and ebaying has kept me away from my music. I'm dedicating this week to the mighty Studio 1. I've got a couple of tunes that really show it at its best, and a third which reminds me of what Fred Wesley's meant to've told James Brown, 'Boss, you're copying people who are copying you'.

First up, one of my favourites, Larry Marshall's 'I've Got To Make It' - word's can't express what a great tune this is - uplifting and beautifully arranged. As a bonus, we've got a great organ version of Neil Diamond's 'Holly Holy' on the b-side. 

Next 'African Descendants by Alton Ellis. Great rhythm, great arrangements, a classic righteous roots tune if ever there was one.

Finally, there's the Righteous Flames' ''Solid Foundation' from 1978. Using the classic 'Joe Frasier' rhythm it's quite nice, but not quite the same standard as the other two.

Here they all are:

Hope you enjoy.

While you wait for the download, here's the original Sunshine Showdown, Foreman vs Frazier in Kingston, 1973.


Rabbi von Sydow said...

What time is it?

It's always Coxsone Time!

the_voice_of_reason said...

The Larry Marshall tune is also on his "Studio One Presenting" LP, although titled "Keep On Pushing".

The Alton Ellis track sounds like it dates from about 1973-74 - from the sound of the backing band it dates from the era of his "I Don't Want To Be Right", Otis Gayle's "I'll Be Around" and Jackie Mittoo's "Deeper and Deeper". That's a rather underrated period in Coxsone's history although becoming better known through Soul Jazz comps. It's arguable that this was his most artistically fruitful period, as it's about the time he cut "Big Bad Boy" for Keith Hudson and "Deliver Us" for Matador Daley.

The Righteous Flames could be a bit hit and miss in my opinion, and this isn't the best cut of "He Prayed"/"Joe Frazier"

lala said...

steve say:
True - when the Righteous Flames were good they were damn good, but they did do a lot of filler as well.

My own favourite version of 'He Prayed' is the b-side of Ruben Alexander's 'Happy Valley' which gets nicely jazzy. It's a similar sort of vibe to the b-sides of 'Namibia' by the Freedom Group and Aswad's 'Warrior Charge'.