Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rocking Machine

Continuing with Studio 1 for just one more post, here's a great track, 'Rocking Machine' by Prince Francis. It's a 1972 version of a song that was a hit for Cliff Richard the previous year. I'm not too keen on the original, but the Jamaican versions just kick arse. Playing the recorder part on the organ works really well, especially when you add those horns at the end of it. 'Rocking Machine' adds a great intro and some spacey sound effects that you don't get elsewhere. As a bonus, it's on the multicoloured Ironside label, which was one of the nicest-looking ones that Coxsone had.
There's also a great version by Dennis Alcapone ('The Sky's The Limit'), a vocal by Teddy Magnus and a really bizarre (but fun) cut called 'Sewing Machine' by Ham & Bone, with a guitar version by Hux Brown ('Plucking Machine') on the flip. All of them are great and well worth having.

In case anyone's wondering, the vocalist on this version is Freddy McGregor. Enjoy.

Here's the original - see what you think.

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