Monday, October 26, 2009

Mother Miserable

Sorry I've not been too active with the blog lately - lot going on. Anyway, here's a comp that I put together a few years ago.

01. Hit Song - Roman Stewart
02. Mother Miserable - The Kingstonians
03. Bubbler - Lloyd Parks
04. You'll Never Find - John Holt
05. Official Trombone - Elaine
06. Flatfoot Hustling - Dillinger
07. Little Village - Charlie Organaire
08. Black Up - Count Ossie & Karl Bryan
09. Mother Nature - Delroy Wilson
10. Uhuru - King Tubby
11. I Want To Be With You - The Paragons
12. That Wonderful Sound - Dobby Dobson
13. Foreman A Bawl Fe Cornflakes - Uncredited (Roy Shirley?)
14. Tribalies Version - Uncredited (Santic All-Stars)
15. Something To Remind Me Of You - Owen Gray
16. Pinnock's Paranormal Payback - Dennis Pinnock
17. Warn The Nation - Alric Forbes
18. Version - Alric Forbes
19. Feeling Right - Susan Cadogan
20. Yesterday Version - Jah Woosh

I've tried to put loads of different stuff in there - favourites are probably Alric Forbes' version of 'Warn The Nation' (I prefer it to the Prophets' version) and the track by Jah Woosh (what a mix!).

Hope you enjoy.


chris said...

thanks! always enjoy your posts!

Anonymous said...

Nice photo - A photo taken by Penguin enroute to see Jah Woosh in St Mary’s JA. Nice to see it there!

He asked me to pass on this link about The Clash/ Revolution Time.

Bless up

Woosh said...

I love this blog! keep up good works...its to be nice if we can know each other, do you think so?