Thursday, January 21, 2010

Observation Station

Here's a nice tune from the Observer - Big Youth's 'Six Dead Nineteen Gone To Jail'. It's the next cut to 'My Time' by Dennis Brown.  The deejay side's good, and if you like it there's a lot more of the same on the CD 'Microphone Attack' which is still available to buy, and highly recommended (not least because this copy's a bit on the rough side). 

I think the dub might be on one of the more recent Trojan compilations, and it's damn fine. It often happens that a tune's deejay version has a better dub than the original - maybe it's because the deejay's there's that much more to work with. This is one of those tunes (by the way, does anyone out there have the dub of 'Tell It Black'?). It sounds like the bass has been put through a flanger or something, and the echo is laid on with no compromise.

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