Thursday, January 07, 2010

Sweet Sugar

One of the great things about doing this blog is that it gets me listening to records that've been gathering dust in my house for donkey's years. Here's a gem from Sugar Minott called 'Leggo The Dread'. It's from 1977 or 1978 and came out on Ripton Hilton's Quality label.

I bought this because I liked the way the bass and the organ went together at the start. When I got home I listened to it all the way through (probably while doing something else like sweeping the floor), decided that it wasn't all that, shelved it and forgot it. I recorded it, again without really listening properly, scanned the label and flogged it about ten years ago.

Looking around last night for something to post that wouldn't take too much effort, I came across the sound file again and decided to give it a listen. Big surprise! It may have taken almost 20 years, but I've finally decided that I like it!

Incidentally, label-owner Ripton Hilton is better-known as Eek-A-Mouse. Before he caught the bongbongdiddlies and hit the big time he put out a handful of awesome roots tunes as a singer which are well worth tracking down.

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Chris T said...

Greetings from Yard(Jamaica)!
Really appreciate your blog, it's great.
Please post-Great Tribulation by Hugh Mundell. I think it's from 1978, not sure of the label, but I think it was Message.The song appears on 2 of his albums but it a different mix. I love the dub side especially.
Also if you have the dub side of Ugly Days by Winston McAnuff, produced by Derrick Harriott, from around the same era.
Nuff respect!