Saturday, February 13, 2010


Thought I'd go for something different this week - digital roots from 1986. This record is 'Satan Soldiers On The Run' by Carl McDonald, it was quite hard to find at the end of the eighties when I picked up my copy, but thanks to the miracle of ebay you can now own it instantly for anywhere between 20 and 130 quid (seriously, £130 for a record?).

So what's so great about it? You'll know when you listen - huge bass, horns, really top-class singing (both lead and the backing vocals) and a far better dub than you'd expect from a digital tune. It starts strong and fast and never lets up. The b-side is heavy and mellow with a really, really beautiful dub.

I've not heard much of Carl McDonald's stuff, just this, another self-produced 12" called 'Star', and some stuff he's put up on the web, but I've liked it all. Jamaican born, UK schooled, US-based; he's an original, and what he does he does very well. He's now living in Florida. and has a CD that he's selling through his website.The CD features these tracks, 'Star', and some others which sound pretty good as well. 




the_voice_of_reason said...

Carl McDonald recorded the wholly obscure "African Countries" CD for Studio One in New York in the late 90s - apparently (I've not heard it) the only album from that period to use all new rhythms played by US-based musicians. Those who have heard it say it's excellent, but it seems to have vanished completely.

novum said...

massive dub fi true!

thanks for sharing!

only the part where he raps, i have to get used to it..

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