Friday, February 19, 2010

Jackie Edwards

Here's a nugget from Mrs Pottinger's High Note label, 'Get Up' by Jackie Edwards. Listen here to 'Revolution Rock' by the Clash - the bassline is the same.

I quite like what the Clash have done with it - completely different but just as good in its own way.

Wilfred Gerald 'Jackie' Edwards is yet another unsung hero of reggae, a smooth-voiced singer and talented songwriter whose career spanned over three decades. He was already famous in the fifties and continued recording until the mid-eighties.
There's some footage of him in the studio from the documentary 'Deep Roots Music', which some of you may remember from way back.

Other tunes of his that I really like are 'I Do Love You', and the versions of 'Invasion' and 'So Jah Say' that he recorded for Bunny Lee.


Vegaland said...

Just found your blog and I love it.

Is it possible that you have this gem in your vaults?

"Negus Churchical Host – Run Come Rally" - Prod by Sons of Negus (Zion Disc) - The first version of Run Come Rally recorded by The Sons of Negus featuring Ras Michael as lead vocalist along with a female tremolo voice.

I never heard the full version, but it would be a dream come true if i could.

Paulo said...

So awesome. Thank you so much. I love this blog, it's always a good thing when it pops up in my feed reader.

lala said...

steve says
Strangely enough, I saw a copy on ebay earlier this week; it ended up going for about $25. I've never had a copy of my own - it is a great tune though isn't it (did you know it from that clip on Graal Records?).

Thanks for commenting by the way - it's nice to get an idea of who's watching the blog and what sort of stuff they enjoy.

Vegaland said...

Yes, from Graal Records... and that single really sounded like something from the Holy Grail.