Saturday, May 29, 2010

High Society

Today's record is one of my rarer ones - 'High Society' by Pat Francis, aka Jah Lloyd. It's from the Rupie Edwards stable, features that really beautiful guitar that we often find on his productions, and is a straight vocal rather than a deejay tune. Jah Lloyd seems to have been a singer in the same way that Big Youth was (check out his versions of 'Second That Emotion' and 'To Be A Lover') - not much technique, but a whole bucket of soul.

The lyrics are paricularly sad in the light of this Blood & Fire post from a journalist who interviewed him for 'The Beat' magazine a year or so before his death in the mid-nineties: "He died from poverty basically. He was a little tiny guy and had severe asthma, I doubt he had access to proper medicine much less the money to pay for it. He lived rough, no fixed place to live, no money for food. His body was found in some park where he'd been living."


david said...

This especially nice to hear after recently picking up the Pressure Sounds 7" of "Guys get a blow" By Pat francis. Didn't know else about him except that he was also known as "Jah Lion" and cut some fine DJ songs with Scratch at the Black Ark. Thanks for sharing his music and story. Another excellent post!

Anonymous said...

Bless up. I don't know if you have this other Rupie Edward produced Jah Lloyd tune called "Know Yourself Black Man."

Can you please post it?

The Process said...

That is the saddest story, much like the passing of the great I-Roy. Legends like this should not have to die alone in a park. :( btw, I'd like to take this moment to thank you for your great blog, keeping much of this lost and wonderful music alive.

Abdul-Rahman said...

I love this song, really great.