Saturday, May 15, 2010

White Horse

Here's a good roots tune that I never really liked until quite recently. It's John Steele with 'Selassie On His White Horse' - it's deejay cut to the Black Uhuru's 'I Love King Selassie', and is very nicely dubbed up. I originally bought this for the dub, and didn't really rate the deejay side.

 I still think it's a bit shaky at the start, but once John Steele hits his stride he comes out with some pretty good lyrics, and it works at least as well as U Black's version. This is quite a rare tune, and I'm starting to regret flogging it.


Anonymous said...

give thanks, i worked with john for a few years in the late 80's, very nice fellow, still had the mello-tone system and was keeping a dance most ever month

Rabbi von Sydow said...

Well Wicked Tunah!!

Jah said...

Y'know, I've come to realize over the last few months that you really
have the site I look forward to updates the most of any I frequent.... Always something that's either interesting in its' own right or that leads me to investigate a whole new aspect that I'd previously been ignoring. Many thanks, and PLEASE keep it up.

novu tabohu said...

Love the Dub! It´s even a more dubbed out version than the one on "Jammy´s in Lion Dub Style".

thanks again!