Thursday, September 23, 2010

Horsemouth Strikes Again

Here's a really old deejay track by Mad Roy, better known as Leroy Wallace. It's a version of John Holt's 'A Love I Can Feel', and while it's quite nice, it's not his best. We've already had the magnificent 'Herb Vendor' in an earlier post, and someday I'll post a great vocal he did on Big Youth's Negusa Negast label called 'Far Beyond The Blue'.

The b-side is far older, about 10 years older in fact. It's a nice Jamaican boogie-woogie called 'Chariot Rock' from Sir Coxsone and the Blues Blasters. Coxsone's first love was apparently jazz and a lot of his productions, especially the earlier ones, do have a very jazzy feel to them.

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the_voice_of_reason said...

Leroy Wallace is a lovely chap; I met him a great many years ago when he was touring the UK, possibly with the Royal Rasses.

Confusingly, "Far Beyond the Blue" is a wholly different song to Leroy Wallace's "Far Beyond", a Studio One cut released on Bongo Man on the "Do Your Thing" rhythm. In fact, while it's clearly the same performer on "Herb Vendor" and "Far Beyond", the vocal on "Far Beyond the Blue" sounds like a wholly different singer. More information would be welcome.