Friday, September 17, 2010

Wreck Up My Life

Today's tune is a classic from Leroy Smart - 'Trying To Wreck Up My Life'. It's a superb vocal laid over a heavy Aggrovators version of an old Heptones song called 'Give Me The Right' (also superb).

It has a really good dub - one of my favourite Jackpot b-sides in fact - with some great double-drumming effects and echo. My copy called the b-side 'Channel One Under Heavy Manners' - but I didn't get a label scan before I flogged it years ago, so we're stuck with the only picture I could find. 'Channel One Feel It' doesn't go quite as well with the spoken intro on the vocal - but the message is still pretty clear.

Dillinger did a superb deejay version called 'Trial & Crosses' - his album 'Talking Blues' was one of the first reggae LPs I ever bought and I've always rated it as one of the best deejay records ever made.

Big Joe also versioned it to good effect on his LP 'Keep On Rocking & Swinging'.

As always, hope you enjoy.


the_voice_of_reason said...

"Channel One Under Heavy Manners" can be found on an album called "Dub Jackpot" released in the UK on Attack in 1990. Seem to recall hearing a Dennis Brown vocal on this as well.

Stinky Jim said...

thanks. big favourite this one.

novu said...

always loved this song! superb riddim and ruff message..
definatly no sunshine reggae :P

I think the version on "Dub Gone Crazy" called "wreck up a version" is the same mix.

Dillinger also toasted over this on his lp "live at music machine". crazy! check it.

Anonymous said...

leroy SMART this one. superb

Anonymous said...

Dillinger at King Tubby's: 'Jah show them the way' & 'Jah show them the way dub'

Anonymous said...

Listen to King Tubby's dub called Bionic Horn.

Best dub everrrr