Sunday, December 19, 2010

Another Patti Page Cover

Thanks to the Voice of Reason for the info on 'Changing Partners', I thought that if anyone knew it'd be him! His mention of Patti Page doing a version (which I didn't know about) brought to mind another record I have, a loose version of 'Tennessee Waltz'.

Here's her version of 'Changing Partners'.

Here's 'Tennessee Waltz'.

Here's 'Tenesee Scank' by Little Alphanso.

It is, of course, rare as hen's teeth - I've never seen any other records on the Sine Wave label either. I suppose that not many people bought this back in the day, and I doubt that there's many people chasing it now, but I like it all the same. It's well-arranged and the organ line in particular is very nice. Little Alphanso, whoever he is, has a good voice too - I wonder if he ever recorded under a different name. 

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rastaman said...

yes man massive teach!!
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