Friday, August 26, 2011

Lucky 3

Let's make it 3 for tonight with a record that recently went for silly money on ebay (I wasn't the lucky seller). We already had 'Son Of A Slave' by Michael Anthony and you've probably heard (or heard of) the monumental 'Living In Sorrows' - this one, 'Sinner Man' is less well-known. My copy's got another vocal on the flip which I really like, 'No Trouble Rasta'. You sometimes see copies that have a dub instead, but I don't see how it could improve.

There's more nice roots tunes to come over the next few days (or weeks), including stuff by Ras Midas, Dudley Evans, Alric Forbes, Ruddy Thomas, the Tonals and King Miguel. Anyway, hope you've liked tonight's picks.

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Bb said...

This blog is a treasure trove. Thank you so much for making internet life bearable