Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Pounding Dub!

Here's an nice tune - it's 'Ethiopia' by Carol Cole and I'm sure that most of you know it already. Apart from being a thunderous classic of raw uptempo roots, it's interesting for another reason. This dates from 1980 and it's produced by Isha (Pauline) Morrison, Lee Perry's wife at the time. It seems she didn't actually record it at the Black Ark, but laid down the rhythm at Channel One (it's the same one she used for Winston Watson's song 'Dispensation') and got it voiced at King Tubby's.

The only other tunes I've got on this yellow Orchid label are both produced by Pauline Morrison as well: 'Dispensation' and Lacksley Castell's 'What A Great Day It Will Be'. 'Dispensation' sounds like a Jammy's mix, and 'What a Great Day' definitely is. I reckon that all three may only be connected to the Black Ark by marriage, but my God! What tunes!


marcg said...

Wow I'm loving the dub of this track. I have been reading your blogs for a little while now and reaping the benefits of your amazing collection. I really want to say how much I appreciate this, I'm only 22 so it really helps to have somebody point out the great tracks of the past that I have completely missed out on! I do my best to find all of those special classics that were so big back then but I will never find them all, and this is just perfect for expanding my collection and finding those great artists that i may have missed. And you've ripped them from vinyl... couldn't really ask for more.

Thank you very much Steve.

May I also add that Cynthia Richards - Foolish fool is one of my favourites that you have introduced me to. Just an outstanding track.

Thanks again.


Steve said...

Thanks Marc, I really appreciate you took the time to comment. I love the feeling of hearing a good song for the first time - and I'm very happy if I can pass that on.