Sunday, October 09, 2011

Hop, Skip & Jump

Here's a record that never fails to fill my heart with joy.  It's the magnificent 'Piccadilly Hop' by Chalawa.


the_voice_of_reason said...

Both sides or this version a very old and long forgotten r'n'b instrumental called "Riding West" by Billy Hope, who may have been a relative of the better known saxman Lynn Hope, whose sound system scorcher "Blue Moon" was remade in almost identical style by the Brentford Rockers in 1980.

In the ska era it was the basis for Sir Lord Comic's "Ska-ing West", while in the late seventies Coxsone cut a 12" on Mento bamboo saxophonist Sugar Belly and the Canefields, and Tommy McCook cut a lovely discomix released on Grove Music in 1978 that had Yabby You's fingerprints on it if memory serves. This one's OK, but not my favourite cut of the tune

Anonymous said...

Thanks A LOT !!!! been Looking for these for ages !!! may da Force be with You !!!