Sunday, May 03, 2009

Delroy Wilson

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Today's post features two tunes by the late, great Delroy Wilson, 'The Village' and 'Joe Ligges'. Both date from 1975, and both are recuts of tunes that he'd previously had success with.

Produced by Coxsone Dodd , 'Joe Liges' was Delroy's first hit, way back in 1963 when he was just 14. 'One hand wash the other, but you don't remember your brother. Joe Lies, Joe Lies, why don't you stop criticise" Written by Lee Perry, it was an attack on Dodd's rival (and former employee) Prince Buster.

The 1975 version doesn't lacks the immediacy of the original, but does have a nice Tubbys dub on the flip. The vocal (as always) is top-notch and it's got an interesting ska-style horn line.

'Little Village' was a ska hit for Charlie Organaire in 1962, and Delroy had already cut a rocksteady version (not sure of the date or the label, it's rare as hen's teeth and very good though) prior to this second attempt which was produced by Dennis Alcapone. This was the first record of Delroy's that I ever bought, and I've always loved it. The label is interesting, the arrangement of the horns and guitar is nice and quite unusual, and it has a decent dub which really showcases the bassline.

If I remember right Dennis Alcapone only produced two other tunes: 'Get In The Groove', his own deejay cut to Dennis Brown's 'Once Upon A Time' which came out on the Panther label, and 'Ape Man' by Augustus Pablo, which is a cut Gregory Isaacs' 'Look Before You Leap' and came out on the Ah Wee label. They are both well worth having, although 'Ape Man' is definitely the stronger one.

Here's links for both tunes:


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