Monday, May 25, 2009

Reggae City


Here's a bit of older stuff: Desmond Dekker's 1967 classic '007 (Shanty Town)' with a great instrumental from Roland Al on the back.

We'll follow that up with a couple more really fine instrumentals, this time from 1969: 'Reggae City' by Val Bennett and 'Mellow Trumpet' by Karl Bryan.

'Reggae City' was a big hit at the time and spawned a follow-up: 'Last Flight To Reggae City', by Tommy McCook & Stranger Cole, produced by Lloyd Charmers. You can listen to it here:

Finally, there is 'Earthquake' from U-Roy, a wicked version of the Upsetters' 'Dark Of The Moon' where U-Roy toasts over his own vocals. The b-side is the fast version of 'Suspicious Minds' by Hortense Ellis (Alton Ellis' younger sister). There is a slow version as well - it's rumoured to be really good but I've never heard it. Both songs date from 1971.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I have.



the_voice_of_reason said...

Isn't "Earthquake" a version of Dave Barker's "What A Confusion"?

lala said...

steve say:

Yes it is! That's been bugging me for ages - I always assumed there must be a vocal somewhere but I didn't know the Dave Barker tune.

Anonymous said...

The karl bryan/mellow trumpet is asking for a password at the mediafire site???