Monday, May 25, 2009



I've put together a small compilation of prehistoric rock
& roll for a change. It's all stuff that I recorded from
an old friend who used to play sets in a biker pub somewhere
in Bristol. I only recorded the stuff that appealed to me at
the time (there was just so much) - I'm not quite sure how
to describe it, so:

1. Let There Be Drums - Sandy Nelson
2. Surfer John - Nature Boy & Friends
3. Blues In G Minor - Big Jay McNeely
4. Chained - Frankie Stine & The Ghouls
5. Bad Bad Whiskey - Amos Milburn
6. The Monkey Speaks His Mind - Dave Bartholomew
7. Beatnik - The Champs
8. Brand New Cadillac - Vince Taylor
9. Dinosaur - Link Wray
10.The Last Meal - Hurricane Harry

Someone has very kindly poted the full lyrics of 'The Last
Meal' here:

Hope you enjoy.

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