Friday, April 30, 2010

Vintage Roots

Today's post is the serious roots that I promised a couple of weeks back. I got these a few years ago  off a roofer who used to run a sound system back in the day. He told me his wife hated reggae, so they'd just been sat in the attic collecting dust for the last ten years.

First up, a tune that should need no introduction: 'Ten Thousand Lions', the tune that really made Prince Hammer's name here in the UK. It's a monster of a tune, and the b-side over Delroy Wilson's 'Money' is pretty good too. The dub to 'Ten Thousand Lions' is on 'World War Dub', and there's a different mix on the b-side of the original single on Belva - both crucial and well worth seeking out.

Next, a tune that everyone ought to know, 'Gone Down The Drain' by Al Campbell. It's the same rhythm that Barry Brown used for 'Better For I'; it was also used by Rupie Dan for Shaka favourite 'My Black Race'. This got reissued a while back on the Duke Reid label, sadly without its dub. The original 7" (available here) has a different dub to the twelve - equally great.

Finally, there's Linval Thompson's version of 'Full Up': 'Six Babylon'. Nice vocal, good deejay, heavy (if slightly dull) dub. What more could you ask for?

The next post (almost ready) will bring you one of the rarest reggae LP's ever pressed. I'm also getting a couple of my favourite dubplates ready to post, so watch this space.


lightningclap said...

Straight to the Brazilian don't-even-have-the-vinyl bloggers' neck! Boom! Quality.

Anonymous said...

thx ... a nice dub version of 'Gone Down The Drain' is on Prince Jammy - Kamikazi Dub called 'Downtown Shanghai Rock'

novum said...

serious post!! seriously, you are THE blog!

funny story.. good you rescued these records!

i am totally into the deeper side of reggae, and the first tune really is sufferers style.. the b side is also prince hammer, did i get that right?

yea, always looked for a vocal on this riddim, jammy´s kamikaze dub is so fresh!
love al´s serious singing, too.

what a cool version of full up! just a likkle spliff :)

thank you very much! have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

Dead link! Please re-up

Your blog is crucial - wish You all good.

JAH blezzy Pavlos