Sunday, August 08, 2010

A Landmark In Reggae

Here's a real treat, Ras Michael's first self-produced record. This was the first time that he recorded his own music, rather than being a hired hand on someone else's session. It's revolutionary, simple and  beautiful music, with a really optimistic and uplifting vibe.

I hope you enjoy this one - personally I love every record on the Zion Disc label, and hope to share some more soon.


Anonymous said...

Who feels it loves it :) ! Any clue about the year ?? I reeaally fully enjoy the I's blog, brother, the only thing I would dare open my mouth about is this one; I&I would appreciate indication about the year of original release, or the year of edition... Apart from that, the whole of I&I bend down with humility in front of what you're sharing here. Blessed Love unto thee, may joy, health & prosperity enlighten your path unto the most high JAH ! Rastafari !

the_voice_of_reason said...

Reportedly from 1967, but I suspect it may be a year or two later than that