Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Take Five

Dave Brubeck's 'Take Five' (actually composed by his saxophonist, Paul Desmond) became one of the  most popular rhythms in reggae, with endless versions by a stream of singers, instrumentalists and deejays. This record is one of the very best of those versions.

The first Jamaican version of 'Take Five' was Val Bennett's 'The Russians Are Coming' for Bunny Lee, which Lee immediately recycled into Derrick Morgan's 'Great Musical Battle', an assertion of his superiority over Coxsone. Randy's got in on the act next, with Lester Sterling's 'Age Of Revolution'.

Bunny Lee put out two more versions, both masterpieces, in 1977: 'Twelve Tribes of Israel' by Linval Thompson and 'Jah Love' by Dillinger which has one of the best dubs King Tubby ever mixed.

Val Bennett returned a year or two later with a recut called 'Blow Mister Hornsman Blow' over a tuff rockers rhythm that was absolutely perfect for the time. It got versioned into:

Two House Department - Barry Brown
In Bondage - Barry Lee
Blow Brother Joe - U Brown
Step It Ina Africa - Lone Ranger
Hands In The Air Girl - Madoo
Captivity - Barrington Levy
Money - Cornell Campbell

There were also wicked cuts by Rico, Ossie Scott, Reggae Clinic 65, the Disco Reggae Band and the Young Lions (aka Aswad) on different versions of the rhythm. 

 The Ossie Scott version is a must because it's the only one that keeps the time signature of the original.

Finally, one of my favourites - a mighty Gussie-produced lovers cut by the Mighty Diamonds.


lightningclap said...

Here's another one I actually own, but I don't mind having it on the mp3 player! Thanks man!

joven said...
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Anonymous said...

Don't forget the essential STAND FIRM by Jacob Miller on the same riddim!

panda said...

Anyone else having difficulties dowloading this one?

Might need another link.

lala said...

seems ok to me???

novu said...

wow, many updates within the last weeks. and nice to read.

this is just a beautiful riddim and i like Barry´s version,too. scary singing, sweet percussion, and when the bass comes in..

@panda: works for me..