Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Funky Chariot

I've got a treat for you today - but it has to be played LOUD. Here's 'Do It Nice & Easy' by the Chariot Riders, Derrick Harriott's take on a song that originally came out of Eddie Drennon's 'Collage' LP. It has some seriously funky bass, militant drumming, bubbling guitar and cheesy disco organ; all topped off with vocals by Derrick and Kim Harriott (Kim was his niece).

I really like the mix on this one, especially the bits where the guitar in your left ear is plays off the organ to your right. I recently saw this selling for £40 online - personally I think the seller's a bit deluded, although if they hang around long enough they might just find a buyer and prove me wrong.

The changes to the blog layout are a result of me having time to kill while waiting for the laundry yesterday. As part of this, I've made it easier to leave comments. If we end up drowning in comment spam with links to dodgy Taiwanese porn sites (we've already had that one) we may decide to change back again.


lightningclap said...

Yes-I! Though I have a lot of these records most are new to me and are getting lots of play on the mp3 player thanks to your digital versions. Great selections!

Ben said...

Thanks for making the commenting easier. I've been coming to this site for ages, but I couldn't commet before. Anyway, its excellant what you're doing...keep it up! Then again, its sending me to eBay all the time & draining my bank account, but...what else should I spend money on, food?

the_voice_of_reason said...

Presume that's Robbie Lyn playing the synth. It reminds me of some of his licks on the Cables sessions for Harry J, and on Richard Ace's long-forgotten "Mo-Bay Special" for Coxsone round about the same era

lala said...

Wow steve
you upgraded us, nice one!!

must get round to posting up that mawal

Steve said...

Mo-Bay Special! That is one seriously funky tune - might have to see if I csn dig it out!

dubme said...

woah! I just heard "Chariout Riders - Do It Nice & Easy" in a mix... what a nice tune. Googling that song up - I came across your blog. Nice work...! The soundfile is actually not online anymore... any chance you could share it again? Would like to play this song out loud at my local Chinese bar in Chengdu... Cheers; DubMe