Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Son Of A Slave

I'm afraid I can't post quite so often anymore - my family's back from Africa, and the IPL is on (I've been starved of cricket for so long!) - so I'll try to post some proper treats when I get the chance. First of these is a hard-to-find record by one of my favourite artists: 'Son Of A Slave' by Michael Anthony.  I really rate this tune: I picked it up years ago off the same mailing list as 'I Love The Way Jah Makes Me Feel' by the Tonals and 'Living In The Slum' by Well Pleased & Satisfied - still one of the best parcels that's ever landed on my doormat.

Michael Anthony cut 5 or 6 records in the mid-seventies, and they are all wicked. He's not the greatest lyricist, but he more than makes up for it with his heartfelt delivery, really superb rhythms and beautiful dubs. If you like this, look out for 'Living In Sorrows' and 'Sinner Man'.

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lightningclap said...

Any Joe Higgs singles would be appreciated. Seems like this is the right blog to request it.