Thursday, March 04, 2010

Medley Mood

Here's a tune I've had knocking around for ages - a medley of 6 hits of the late 60's and 1970 called 'Take It Easy With Six'. It's by Keith Smith, who hardly ever recorded under his real name - he's the man the world knows as Keith Poppin. This was one of his very first solo outings, and he went on to record classics like 'Same Thing For Breakfast', 'Get Together', 'Envious' and 'Hold Not Thy Peace' as well as a whole lot of other high-quality but less well-known songs.

This one is on the same 'Picture On The Wall' rhythm track that was used in that Pat Satchmo song I posted a couple of months back. Although I can't name all the songs in the medley, 'Take It Easy' is in there (obviously) and so is 'Cool Collie'.

The b-side is 'Mother You Are Old' by Young Al Capone (aka Dennis Smith, no relation) - Alcapone's not at his best here, but it's quite an interesting tune all the same.

Incidentally, Keith Poppin has a very good compilation that he's been selling through Ernie B's and CD Baby. He hardly got paid for any of his music the first time round, so if you like his voice and fancy contributing to his pension it's well worth searching out.  Here's an interview with him - quite interesting -  and here's his website.

Hope you enjoy.

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the_voice_of_reason said...

The six songs here include three covers of tunes by the Wailers - I hear them as:

1. Take It Easy
2. Cool Cool Callie
3. Get Ready Rocksteady
4. Run For Cover
5. Simmer Down
6. It Hurts to be Alone