Sunday, January 02, 2011

Introducing Latty

After yesterday's post (composed in a hurry to welcome the new year), here's something a bit more interesting. Latty Guzang is a little-recorded singer, melodica player and deejay, best known for the Mikey Dread produced 'Stage Show'. He knew Augustus Pablo from a young age, and got his first proper break in the music business when Pablo gave him a couple rhythms to deejay over. 

The result was this record, 'Kentones Rock' / 'Can't Hide' on the Marauders label. It's a double header with deejay versions of 'Rockers Rock' and 'Say So'. It never got much promotion and never shifted many copies, which is a shame because Latty was a natural. Both songs have wicked spoken intros ("I'm single and disengaged, I'll tell you my phone number but I won't tell you my age"), and once the music gets going he rides the rhythm like a veteran - there's even a nice little drop-out halfway through 'Can't Hide' with the music sliding back in just a little too soon.

This is yet another of those records that leave you wondering what might've been, and wishing you could've had just a little bit more. Anyway, you can feast your ears on the original versions while you wait:

Hope you enjoy!


notoriousnovu said...

lovely post!

it´s a pleasure to hear you, latty.
well chilled toasting, no funny screams and stuff, cool.

now i´ve got to look out for "say so"

again thanks for sharing such rare gems!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for knowledge!...It's a shame (we) tagged labels in the day, they look shabby now...Roots from the YARD Blog HARD!

Nelgroe, San Francisco