Sunday, January 02, 2011

Ooh, Mr Bond!

I'm hoping somebody can put a name to this tune - I've always loved it but never known what it was or who it was by.

I reckon it goes quite well with Lloyd the Matador's tribute to 'The Fugitive'.


the_voice_of_reason said...

I would suggest you look for Lloyd Charmers aka Lloyd Tyrrell. Vocal on 007 sounds like him, and I know he cut a version of "Fattie Fattie" in 1970 for Pama called "Stand Up For Your Rights"

Anonymous said...

Kinda off-topic, but can you tell me how you're attaching your label scans? I used to be able to extract them using various methods but they inexplicably stopped working recently. I need to get separate image files because your attached scans don't follow when using itunes on a PC. Any guidance you can offer? Thanks.

the_voice_of_reason said...

I've tracked it down!

A -side is "Dollars and Bonds", and B-Side is "Sounds Familiar", both sides credited to The Charmers, on Pama's Bullet subsidiary BU-435.

You can verify this by going to YouTube, where "oldwah" has posted videos of both tunes.

Anonymous said...

RE: scans-- Never mind; sorted. Thanks!