Saturday, January 08, 2011

I'm not sure why I bother posting pictures of all these blank labels - they're pretty much interchangeable after all. Anyway, here's a real gem from Studio 1: Delroy Wilson's version of 'One One', and on the other side 'Addis A Wa Wa' by the New Establishment.

The vocal side is one of the best roots tunes to come out of Studio 1 - it's got an interesting rhythm with nice guitar and organ chopping and bubbling under the vocals. Delroy is at his very best, raw and impassioned but still very cool. The flip is a seriously raw and tuff version of 'Skylarking' featuring Pablove Black's melodica - definitely not to be missed!

As always, I hope you enjoy this gem.


the_voice_of_reason said...

Re: Delroy Wilson - this must have been one of his last cuts for Coxsone. The reference to illiteracy places it just after Michael Manley's election in 1972, after which he began his literacy programme. Delroy's voice was clearly mature, yet he was about to spend a few years in the wilderness before "Have Some Mercy" returned him to the top.

"Addis A-Wa-Wa" - are you sure it's not Bobby Kalphat on melodica? Never heard it credited to Pablove Black before, and the lines are rather more stretched than his playing on "Soul Locks" and "High Locks". If you have a good source that says it's Mr. Dixon I'll believe you, but I'm not convinced

undercover said...

Keep postin the blank labels bro! It's all part of the charm!

Did I see you sell? Email me next time you want to drop some tunes.

Peace out and great job on the blog!


Steve said...

Thinking back, it was the geezer I got it off that told me it was Pablove - so no great authority. Now that I've googled it, I'm pretty sure the Voice of Reason's right.

novu said...

Agree with undercover, every little sign of wear tells a story!

timeless music.. "one one" really has it all.
coxsone overdubbing to the max on the b side.. sweet!

lala said...

yeah, just know we appreciate the effort!!!