Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Paid-up member of the deejay cult

Some of you may've noticed that I've got a bit of a weakness for old deejay sides, and here's yet another to confirm the impression. It's one that it took me a while to find, but which didn't disappoint once I got it: 'Get In The Groove' by Dennis Alcapone & Dennis Brown. 

It's a self-produced deejay cut to Marvin Gaye & Mary Wells' 1964 hit 'Once Upon A Time' - Alcapone also produced Dennis' vocal version on the Funny Disc label. The arrangements are almost identical to an earlier version by Delroy Wilson (same goes for Roman Stewart's version and Sidney Rogers'), the vocal is quite nice and the toasting works too. Here's the Motown original:

When you talk about Dennis Alcapone it's hard to avoid mentioning Carl Gayle's article, Dennis Alcapone and the Rise and Fall of the Deejay Cult. You'll find quite an interesting interview with Alcapone himself here.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this. Sometime soon I'll post the only other Dennis Alcapone production that I know - an instrumental that's probably the best of the lot.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for more knowledge! Good clean rip, especially the version...

Nelgroe, San Francisco

Anonymous said...

The great Dennis Alcapone, next to legendary Ken Boothe and Mr Dave Barker at Reggae Brittania at Barbican. Documented by UK Pogus Caesar.! What a line up!