Monday, December 19, 2005

12" selection

the cannier amongst you may spot that some of these mp3s were not encoded by me and deduce, correctly that they may not have come off steve's original vinyl, that is because the tracks have been selected by steve, either off my pc or his from filesharing networks

Junior Byles & Pablo Moses - One People (12 inch)
(12 inch) itals & trinity - in a dis ya time (ready done)

chasing down files over p2p networks is an art itself, especially if you don't know particularly which titles or artists to search for my own experience of reggae has always been that of appreciative listener & i find that part of the magic of reggae is it's amorphousness - the dubs, versions, and so on... so anyway these are fruits of steve's wisdom in searching and selecting music on audiogalaxy, back in the day, slsk, and others.

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