Tuesday, December 13, 2005



HEARWAX said...

Hi man,
Just discovered the site, and loving the unusual and rare cuts you're putting out - many thanks!

Is there any way I can get access to the 12" in the .m3u list?, there looks to be some killers in there.


dubtafari said...

I looked all over for some of these killer songs and could not locate them any where. do they exist, and if so where can they be found?

Give Thanks

lala said...

o hi
sorry i've been away from this blog for like 3 years or so

yeah haha all those tunes exist! probably i can still find some...

anyway steve and i were just chatting about posting some new tunes so watch this space


DJ Carlito said...

oh yeah the track "sweet talking" with trinity would be nice for starters... give thanks

lala said...

well i'll have to ask steve as i havent been able to find that one in my archives yet...

i came up with this lot tho:

( 12 inch ) dennis brown - running around.mp3
(10 inch) Larry Marshall - Run Babylon.mp3
(10 inch) Hugh Mundell - Rasta Have The Hand (extended).mp3
(10 inch) Jacob Miller - Zion Gates (extended).mp3
(10 inch) Johnny Osbourne - Fussing & Fighting (extended).mp3
(10 inch) Johnny Osbourne - Give A Little Love (extended).mp3
(10 inch) Sugar Minott - Dread A Me Idrin - Dread Locks Rock.mp3
(12 Inch) - Black Crucials - Dreadlocks Time.mp3
(12 Inch) Bim Sherman - Love Forever.mp3
(12 Inch) Booker T - Down Presser - Dennis Alcapone - Pressu.mp3
(12 Inch) Junior Brown - Time Is Getting Hot - Captain Sinba.mp3
(12 Inch) Kiddus I - Too Fat -.mp3
(12 inch) pat kelly & trinity - i'm so in love with you.mp3
(12 inch) - Earl 16 & The Heptones - Jah Children Rise.mp3
(12 inch) - Jackie Mittoo - Wall Street.mp3
(12 inch) - twinkle brothers - jahoviah.mp3
(12 inch) Barry Brown - Warmonger (extended).mp3
(12 inch) Barry Brown - We Can't live Like This.mp3
(12 inch) Big Joe & Rodney - Respect Jah Word.mp3
(12 inch) Bunny Lie Lie & Lee Vancliff - Who Cork The Dance.mp3
(12 inch) Carlton Coffie - Chant Away.mp3
(12 inch) Dennis Brown and Trinity - Funny feeling.mp3
(12 inch) Ewan Naptali - Africa Awaiting It's Creators (exte.mp3
(12 inch) Freddy Clarke - Fight I Down.mp3
(12 inch) Jackie Edwards & Jah Stitch - Money In My Pocket.mp3
(12 inch) Jah Woosh - Jah Is The Ruler.mp3
(12 inch) Keith Hudson - Felt We Felt The Strain.mp3
(12 inch) Leroy Smart & Trinity - Gambling.mp3
(12 inch) Leroy Smart - Be Conscious.mp3
(12 inch) Phil Francis - Laugh It Off.mp3
(12 inch) Sam Bramwell - Ruling Time.mp3
(12 inch) babylonian.mp3
(12 inch) black roots players - meditation rock.mp3
(12 inch) g isaacs black a kill black.mp3
(12 inch) horace andy & tappa zukie - natty dread a weh she .mp3
(12 inch) horace martin - war.mp3
(12 inch) king tubby - symbol misunderstanding.mp3
(12 inch) nathan skyers - dem a fight i.mp3
(12 inch) rising fire - free blackman.mp3
- 12 inch - Roman Stewart - Babylon.mp3

Anonymous said...

whats the purpose of this post?

run it.. for life!