Thursday, December 15, 2005


& here's a couple of sweet mp3 12"s, again they've been up on my site for a while: Barrington Levy & Jah Thomas - Moa Anbessa (12 Inch).mp3
Burning Spear - Spear Burning (12 inch).mp3
I got a lovely CD here dropped off to me by the man himself just before he travelled, entitled Studio 1 Reggae Fusion i'll rip it to mp3 soon (using EAC - unless anyone has any preferable software?) & post up some goodies for your delectation...


lala said...

what do these tracks have in common?
Moa Anbessa Zemne Gede Yehuda, means of course conquering lion of the tribe of judah in amharic (or ge'ez?) & refers to Haile Selassie, I think it was a hereditary title so probably referred originally to Menelik the emperor who expanded Ethiopia in the 19thC.
Winston Rodney - Burning Spear took his name from another African liberation leader, I can't remember which one, was it Kenyatta? in which case what is Burning Spear in Swahili???

Jah said...

Could you repost these (and all the stuff that was on the railroad url). Just noticed they were zero-length when I went to listen to 'em. Thanks!