Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Welcome to roots from the YARD blog

As time goes on i'll post you up some nice tunes provided by steve, I have threatened to set this site up for a while as many of these tracks are out of print and too sweet not to share.
At the moment the site looks basic but i'll improve it with some nice templates and all that soon.... Any contributions are encouraged so if anyone has any comment or request please add it to the site!

I'll also maybe settle down to some sensible hosting solution if a lot of people want to download - any suggestions or server space available would be welcome mmm yes please. Right now this site is hosted by blogger, mp3s are at railtonroad (edit: defunct!).

To introduce myself: i am the author of this blog: 6109 (edit: defunct!) and regular contributor & moderator at dissensus, pleased to meet you. I'll put a shout out to the homies at Dissensus soon as I got more music posted to attract some attention - spread the word!

here's a couple of tracks to be starting off.
Track 1
Track 4
These have been up on my site for a while, as with many tunes provided by steve, i don't know what the titles are, & i doubt they will be up on FreeDB/CDDB etc... Bonus points for anyone can ID them, otherwise i'll ask steve when he returns from his travels...

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lala said...

update august 2k9
so, it's some time later;
- steve turned up
- he's upped some astonishingly fine tunes consistently
- we're getting some attention... great comments, intelligent and appreciative, for the labels as well as the tunes, respect due to stevey!
- i've kludged up the comments sidebar
- and the rss feed
- perhaps i'll get a little twiglet to show some visitor stats

cheers for tuning in