Saturday, December 17, 2005

Studio 1 Reggae Fusion

o gosh this cd is really great
a real version excursion - every track is a winner.
i got no track listing for this disc either my dears, so as i rip it i can't even tag it up & FreeDB is clueless so i'll welcome any help in identifying these klassic kuts, ('til steve gets back anyway).

The riddims will be familiar enough i think;

Natural Mystic (version)
Skylarking (version)

there are 22 tracks on this disc, & they're all good, so even if i post them all up then i've still got hundred's of megs of other tracks burned to mp3 over the years, many are properly tagged, some not, but many are very rare and have not been shared on the filesharing networks, if you have questions, about artists, provenances etc i can pass them on to steve... if i can track him down...

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