Saturday, December 17, 2005

Studio 1 Reggae Fusion II

some difficulties ripping off the cd;
EAC was struggling, the cd is a bit worse for wear unfortunately though it still plays ok in winamp, so i had to resort to using Audiograbber which doesnt produce good quality rips (or so i understand from an irate user of soulseek who complained about the quality of some ripped mp3s) which just produced empty tracks, so eventually i used total recorder to record the player... a long & tedious solution which i doubt will produce top quality mp3 - o well!


i should mention at this stage a copyright disclaimer of course when posting mp3s of music that ultimately belongs to someone, if anybody has any objection to posting up these tracks then they should let me know and i'll be happy to remove them,
i understand that the concept of copyright is stretched when it comes to covering the galaxy of jamaican riddim and version, meaning, i think that most reggae from vintage JA vinyl is lost to copyright and that the creators will unfortunately rarely if ever receive a dime.

also if anyone has advice on ethics of filesharing or indeed good practise in cd ripping, then you're most welcome to drop a comment in the box below,
many thanks

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